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Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd. labor union sends welfare to send cool

Release time:2019-10-26    Browse times:1955

In order to further care for the physical and mental health of grass-roots employees, transfer the care of the labor union for employees, create a good working atmosphere and enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the enterprise.2019年8月,浙江巨東股份有限公司工會委員會準備了工會福利。

Since its establishment, the Judong joint stock trade union committee has given full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of the trade union, and worked for the well-being of the employees and guaranteed their labor rights and interests.The labor union of the company has always been thinking about and anxious about the employees, so that the employees can truly realize the benefits and convenience brought by the labor union of the company.

Xu Zhonghua, chairman of the trade union committee of Zhejiang Judong Co., Ltd., presides over the issue

Although the welfare provided by the trade union is not much, it is both practical and practical, reflecting the fine tradition and style of the trade union organization, and making the employees feel the cordial care and warm care of the trade union.